Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guerrilla green thumbs raise awareness!

I recently added Twitter to my life. I have been apprehensive to do so because, really, who needs another distraction? I had thought that Twitter was merely yet another social network for people who felt like sharing the moment-to-moment details of their lives. I never really thought of it as a place to keep up-to-date on current events. I was wrong. That said, here's something that I read this morning that might interest Canadian locavores.

University of Victoria students are digging up lawns in protest, replacing the traditional manicured turf with flowers and seedlings. They are concerned about the future of of a well-used 1500 sq. metre community garden campus, as well about the university's inaction on another proposed project. Over 10 years earlier the university had proposed transforming a 12 hectare piece of vacant land near the canpus into an agricultural  
utopia. The students hope that their actions will raise awareness not only about these issues, but also about the global industrial agricultural system. The current system is in direct conflict with the ideals that they are teaching in universities. Quite simply, it's a case of not practising what one preaches. For the full article, click the link below. The first comment after the article made me laugh right out loud, so make sure you read on.

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