Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Green Garden - Tomato pots

For the past couple of weeks I have been searching, searching, searching, trying desperately to find those little 3" plastic pots for transplanting. My tomatoes and peppers have hit their max root capacity and are dying to break out of their cramped prison cells. I searched my household for things that might work; egg cartons aren't big enough and yogurt containers are too big. When I finally decided to suck it up and shell out my hard-earned money to the local gardening centre, I found that they were sold out - everywhere!
Luckily, a friend of mine had a solution. She told me about this little device that they sell at Organic Botanic here in Guelph. It's called a PotMaker. Now, don't go getting any silly ideas about what I'm growing in my garden. The PotMaker is a small wooden device used to make pots out of newspaper. It is made in Canada by a company called Richters and it retails for a mere $14.95.

The PotMaker is extremely easy to use. You just cut strips of newspaper, roll and press. No glue, no tape, no fuss. The pots are not only environmentally friendly, but also better for your plants. Newsprint is soy-based and biodegradable. The paper will protect the roots from pests and the shock of transplant, absorb water, and will break up on its own in the soil. Busting out of these minimum security prisons won't be a challenge, and the roots of your transplants will be out in the big world in no time. Exciting, n'est pas?
Just one more way to make sure that your tomatoes (or what-have-you) survive the shock of transplant, and you have all the local produce you can grow. Happy growing!

PotMaker by Richters
Goodwood, Ontario
L0C 1A0, Canada


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