Monday, October 18, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

A while ago I was given the Versatile Blogger Award by a fellow blogger, Kim Meier. I am flattered and honoured that she chose me and my blog - Thank you, Kim!
Kim writes a blog entitled, "Gardening. Cooking. Eating. Discovering. Sharing. Ottawa". It is honest, fun and informative. She recently posted ab blog about smoked tomatoes - just one more thing I can do with all those tomatoes I grew this year.
So, here's how it works: First, I thank Kim for giving me this award. Then, I pass the award on to another deserving blogger.
There is no doubt in my mind who I am choosing: Kelly (last name unknown) who writes Eat Local London. Check out her frequently updated blog for tidbits on local food in the London, Ontario region. She visits local farms, tries new foods and even grows her own. Since she's been at this for a while, there's a lot there to read. Eat Local London is informative, entertaining and inciteful. Personally, it's my favourite blog to read. Enjoy!
Other blogs I enjoy:
Sheryl Kirby's Serious Eats
Sarah Elton's The Locavore
Beer and Butter Tarts
Kristen Glasbergen's Peace, Love and Muesli
Joel Solish's The Community Foodist

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