Friday, March 18, 2011

It's that time again - setting up the bathroom greenhouse

Recently, someone said that sounds of spring were in the air. They were referring to the sounds of geese honking as they returned to familiar ground. Where I live there are geese year round, so this wasn't exactly a mark of spring for me. But that's not to say that I'm not noticing my own signs. The daffodils are poking their heads from out of the soggy ground. There are sounds of red-wing blackbirds - a sound that I strongly associate with summer. My little kitty-cat friend has been chasing bugs all week. But, for me, the biggest sign of spring is the arrival of my seed catalogues. Once they start coming in, I know I can safely start planning my garden for the year. I'm getting anxious to get back out there. Although my canned goods have lasted me longer than every before this year, I'm dying for some fresh garden greens and herbs.
I have devised what I think is a little ingenious greenhouse in my bathroom. I have tied an old pine bookcase to my radiator and fixed a little grow light to the inside. My greenhouse has natural light coming from the big window it sits in front of, a greenhouse light and warmth from the radiator. Also, there is more moisture in my bathroom that anywhere in the house and the plants seems to love this.
Now, what to plant? And when?
Any suggestions?

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