Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pictures from the Garden

Well, it's been a while. Unfortunately, as a paid freelance writer, I don't often get to write for myself anymore. But I promise I'll try to make it back here more often than I have. 
I've had trouble keeping up with the garden this year. First of all, I got the plants in late. The ones that I grew indoors all flopped. I think they sensed what Mother Nature was up to outside - they knew it wasn't time. I ended up buying plants from Vera Top of Trout Lily Nursery. Once I did garden in things got out of control pretty quickly. Last fall, I never bothered to clear out the plants in my garden. I just let them die and left them. Bad idea. The seeds from those plants ended up falling to the earth. In the spring, when we tilled the soil, the seeds spread throughout the garden and started growing like crazy. I literally had hundreds and hundreds of tomatoes growing everywhere. I've been pulling my coveted tomatoes like weeds ever since - a very strange feeling, indeed. I left the garden to its own devices - another bad mistake. When I did finally make an appearance, it resembled something out of John Wyndham's Day of the Triffids. It was so overrun with weeds, they were knee-high in some spots! It took me 3 days - 9 hours in total - of sweaty, dirty labour to rid my garden of those weeds. Never again, I say. Never again. 
The garden looks great now! I've had no problems with bugs this year - probably because of the garden's full-time tenant, a bright green Northern Leopard frog. Everything is growing nicely; in fact, someone recently commented that it looked like my tomatoes were on steroids. They are pretty happy in their home. Here are some pictures of the results of this year's labour.

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