Monday, August 1, 2011

Celebrate National BBQ Day the Locavore Way

August 6th is National BBQ Day and people all across Canada will be firing up the grills and entertaining friends and family. This year, why not make National BBQ Day not only about food, but food awareness as well. If you think about it, it's the perfect time to discuss how and why we make the food choices that we do, especially since our food choices impact important aspects of our lives, including:
  • Our health
  • The environment 
  • Local farmers and food producers
  • Our local economy
  • Food politics
Many of us make conscious and informed food choices, but have friends who do not. Why is that? Is it that they simply aren't aware of the impact of their choices, or are they simply not concerned? Our choices indirectly say that we are okay about certain things. For example, if we choose to regularly eat fast food we are indirectly saying that we're not concerned about our health. If we choose to eat genetically modified foods sprayed with chemical pesticides and herbicides, we're saying that we're not concerned about their impact on the environment. And if we choose to buy cheaper commodities without considering why they're so cheap, we're saying that we're not overly concerned about fair trade in other nations.

Here's a thought: let's talk about it. Let's turn National BBQ Day into something more than just a meal. Let's inform our friends and family about our choices and tell them why we've made them. We don't have to get all pedantic about it. We can do it indirectly and subtly, without ramming it down their throats, by making the right choices ourselves. Make it into a game. Why not implement an all-local menu and see who can come up with the most creative 100% local dish? 

Participate and possibly WIN WestJet Tickets while you're at it!

In support of local food economies across Canada, Meal Exchange is calling on Canadians to host a BBQ of locally-grown food. Here's what you can do if you're interested in participating.

2. Buy local food fare - luckily, the event is hosted on Saturday, the same day that your local farmer's market is open! Why not try something you've never tried before - a new vegetable, a local cheese, or locally raised meat. 

3. BBQ!!! Invite your friends and family and enjoy fantastic local food and drinks. 

4. Possibly win 2 WestJet tickets. How? Easy. 

a) Share your BBQ pictures and stories with
b) Post on
c) Live Tweet your BBQ using #nationalBBQday 

I can't wait to register my BBQ. Why not register yours today too?

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